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Bondi Band Armband for Running

Bondi Band armband, which can be found at Suddora, features an absorptive fabric that keeps sweat from dripping toward the hands, thus, affecting the wearer’s performance. The wicking fabric allows quick evaporation to keep you dry during an activity.

Sports armbands manufactured by the famous Bondi Band brand are made from high-tech polyester instead of cotton. Polyester absorbs less water, roughly around 0.4 percent, while cotton absorbs around 7 percent.

Most people go to Suddora to buy armbands that can be used to secure electronics in place while hiking, biking or jogging and even during gym workouts. But you have to make sure that your items are in a plastic bag or any water resistant case during workout as most sports armbands are not water-proof. Nonetheless, you can carry your music player, cell phone, IDs, a few cash or credit card and keys with your running armbands. Its design makes it easy to reach for your stuff while in the middle of an exercise.

It is interesting to note that Bondi Band’s version of armbands for running utilizes the same fabric technology used in their headbands and other sweatbands. Aside from its moisture wicking capability, it is also stretchable and breathable. They also fit nicely—not loose but neither too tight.

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Running and Sweat

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Working out is great for us, but one thing about it remains annoying: sweat. We all sweat, just face it, some more than others. Sports wristbands work to stop sweat from ruining your exercises. When you are running your heart-rate begins to speed up and eventually you begin to sweat. The cotton wristbands will absorb that sweat instead of making your arms and wrists really sticky. You can also use headbands to stop that nasty burning sweat from burning in your eyes. Isn’t that the worst? So bring yourself back to the 80’s and get some sweatbands!

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