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Trion Z Wristbands for Golf

A golfer wearing a trion Z wristband

Golf is a game of concentration and balance. It’s about skill and knowing the course. Trion Z Wristbands, such as the dual loop featured above, can really bring an edge when you hit the greens.

Trion Z Dual Loop Wristband

The Trion Z Dual Loop wristband features a very powerful magnet as well as negative ions.  What are negative ions? Most people today are electric – what i mean by that is they are surrounded by electronics non stop. Phones, tablets, laptops, lights, computers and so on all account to making people feel this way. Negative ions restore a sense of balance between those and the positive ions. In the dual loop wristband the minus ions are infused within the band, making exposure very potent. Simply put, these work very well which is why golfers and other athletes continue to wear them.



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